Deerfoot to Rawtenstall Recce

On Friday I walked the first section of the walk. It’s amazing how quickly the Irwell becomes a real thing not just a little stream. IMG_2404

The weather wasn’t great to begin with and you knew you were up in the hills!


The layby where we’ll start.


Half an hour down the road and the Irwell is a proper torrent!


Some artwork along the way




The only tricky part of this bit of the route, where we’ll have to walk along a grass verge for a bit.


The Journey Begins

On Saturday IST Map30th March 2019 I am looking to walk the 30 miles from the Source of the River Irwell to where it reaches the heart of the City near Sacred Trinity Church. I’m doing this in partnership with the Not Quite Light Festival, Sacred Trinity Church and the Booth Centre. I’m hoping to raise some money to help the Booth Centre with their work with the homeless. It would be really good if I had some company on this challenging but exciting walk! Largely we’ll be following the Irwell Sculture Trail so there will be some nice artworks along the way.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I’m looking for people to sign up to do the walk with me but I also am looking for people to help in various ways. I could do with:

  • A first aider
  • A couple of confident walkers to test parts of the route and help on the day
  • A couple of drivers with cars to offer support and ferry warm drinks etc
  • Sponsorship, so that any costs are covered and all the money we raise goes to the Booth Centre to help them in their work with the homeless

If you’re interested in helping please use the contact page to let me know.

Some further details…

If you are doing the full 30 miles…

We meet at Sacred Trinity Church – to catch a coach / minibus to Deerplay at 4.15am. This will allow us to start the walk at 5.00am.

The first 3 hours will be hard going. We need to walk at a reasonably brisk pace to reach Rawtenstall by 8.00am. It will also be dark / pre dawn for the first couple of hours.

There are some parking spaces at Trinity where you could leave a car, but these are limited, so please car-share with others.

You must have proper walking boots if you are going to attempt the full 30.

More details to follow but please let me know (through the contact page) and I’ll get you to sign up.